The world will end soon . . .

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The world will end soon . . .

Now, we all are aware of the truth in this.  We just have a little difficulty with the undefined word "soon".  Children understand.  Their parents tell 'em when they ask THAT question on a motor trip.  "Are we nearly there, yet?"

But, on a slightly more serious note, how is the End of the World to be achieved, and - more to the point, by whom?

here's a list of probabilities.

Kim Jong Un with his long rangers firing off in all directions. .
IS terrorists with suitcase nuclear bombs
Jeremy Corbyn after winning the next election, and neutralising our nukes.  And businesses and personal wealth/property/free thinking.  well. it'll feel like the end o' the world, anyway, to us Limeys.
Vlad the Lad Putin.  Most unlikely, since he's best buddies with The Donald.
The Chinese, since we can't/won't buy their stuff anymore; retribution will be swift and brutal and will involve fast foods and stomachs . . .or laundries and itching powder
Theresa May . . . .we'll be all bored to death
Donald Trump . . .He won't be able to stand another USA/ GB meeting involving her, and might go crazy . . . .

And your own choices?
"I will usually be pushed filed stamped indexed briefed debriefed or numbered"